Objective: to establish objective criteria for the selection of indications for partial denture.

Material and Methods. We examined 95 patients aged 41 to 59 years, with periodontal diseases. Patients were divided into 3 groups depending on the type of prosthesis and the extent of its complications, which in turn is determined on the basis of clinical tests: the analysis of panoramic radiographs, the definition of a mucous membrane such as in the area of missing teeth, Schiller — Pisarev test and Kulazhenko test, time of removal missing teeth, the degree of dental plaque at the time of prosthesis, the definition of the depth of the gingival pocket. The generalized nature of the pathological complications can be characterized by the sum of points by seven signs. Score thus may vary between 7 (when each feature point is estimated to be 1) to 21 points (where each feature is worth 3 points). According to the proposed assessment 7–8 will meet the stable state of periodontal inflammation; 9–11 points — slightly complicated its form; 12 and above — a complicated form of periodontitis.

Results. All patients were performed under the same indications of prosthetics a type of removable prosthesis: bugel, acrylic or nylon. Comprehensive survey was conducted after 3, 6 months, 1 and 2 years. Early after prosthetic in the uncomplicated group there were demonstrated the effectiveness of prosthetics of all kinds of prostheses for moderately complicated periodontal problems most effective in the early stages were nylon prostheses, when expressed complicated prosthetics — optimal design is a bugel. In the long-term period (in 1 and 2 years prosthesis) in patients with acrylic prostheses marked transitions from group 1 to 6 people (50.0%), from the second group and 6 (54.5%). Thus, after 2 years of use acrylic dentures half of the patients of the 1st and 2nd groups had a negative prognosis to use prosthesis.

Conclusion. As demonstrated by comprehensive diagnostic testing, the use bugel with splinting elements is effective in the long term. The use of nylon prosthesis is possible only under mild periodontitis with partial defects of dentition, and acrylic dentures used in patients with dentition defects and periodontal remaining teeth are not recommended in the immediate and long-term periods.