Information about edition

The Journal “Integrative Anthropology” was founded in 2001.

The founder and publisher of the Journal — the Odessa National Medical University.

The Journa is registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Certificate КВ № 22314-12214ПР. ISSN 2519-4151.

The Journal is represented in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

The editor-in-chief of the Journal is the academician of the NAMS of Ukraine, the Ukraine State Prize Winner V. M. Zaporozhan.

The Journal appears biannually. It comes to the most known libraries of the country, large scientific centers, some educational establishments.

The Journal is distributed by subscription. The Journal can be subscribed at any subscription point. Subscription index — 08210.

By decisions of Presidium of HAC of Ukraine № 1–05/2 from the May, 27, 2009 the Journal “Integrative Anthropology.” was included in the list of editions, which publish the basic results of dissertation works on medicine. The publication of the articles in Journal is free of charge.